Peer-Reviewed Papers:

“System Effects: A Hybrid Methodology for Exploring the Determinants of Food In/security”Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 2017.

“Trends and Directions in Environmental Justice” (with Julian Agyeman, David Schlosberg, and Caitlin Matthews), Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 2016.

“Conceptualising the Migration-Food Security Nexus: Lessons from Nepal and Vanuatu” (with Hom Gartaula),  Australian Geographer, 2015.

“Migration-Affected Change and Vulnerability in Rural Vanuatu”, Asia Pacific Viewpoint, 2015.

Work in Progress:

With David Schlosberg, I am working on a larger project on the politics of sustainable consumption, focussing on social movements that orient themselves around food, energy, and meeting the needs of everyday life. The first paper from the project is tentatively titled “Environmentalism and Justice in Everyday Life.”

With Andreas Føllesdal, I am writing a chapter on the morality and ethics of political consumerism and lifestyle politics for the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Political Consumerism.

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